Summary & Method(s):

The core value of coaching is to help leaders think through challenges and “know thy self.” An effective coaching relationship leads to clarity and increased self-awareness. The benefit of self-awareness is that the more self-aware you are, the more choices you have. You can then incorporate those choices into your decision-making process.

Expect as a Client:

Sharp Thinking & Challenge: While invested in your success, an excellent coach questions your choices and creates a space for you to have conversations you don’t have with others. Come to the coaching relationship ready to go on a journey where the goals are clear but the path to them is not.

Authenticity & Compatibility: The learning that takes place within the coach/client relationship is developed through mutual commitment to honest communication.

The Macro and the Micro: How an organization works, both on the surface and underneath, affects everyone. Responses to these systemic influences help or hinder job effectiveness and satisfaction. Cline Consulting’s coaching focuses on working with emotions that arise while thinking clearly in difficult situations. Andrew uses the Emotional Intelligence Profile developed by Learning in Action Technologies to aid in his clients’ development.

Results: Coaching is results-oriented and driven by your goals, needs, situation and challenges. Good coaching optimizes your time, money and energy. It does not give ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions. It focuses on you and the development you want to see.

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