Summary & Method(s):

There are a number of guidelines that help groups meet together productively. A facilitator helps the group accomplish a common task: move through the agenda in the time available and to make necessary decisions and plans for implementation. A facilitator makes no decisions for the group, but suggests ways that will help the group to move forward. He or she works in such a way that the people present at the meeting are aware that they are in charge, that it is their business that is being conducted, and that each person has a role to play. The responsibility of the facilitator is to the group and its work, not to individuals within the group or to the organizational issues at play.

Expect as a Client:

Agenda Planning: Cline Consulting will plan the agenda before the meeting in collaboration with the appropriate leaders within your organization. Goals, desired outcomes and structure will all be clear prior to the meeting being held.

Meeting Facilitation: Your organization’s leader(s) and Cline Consulting will set the tone of the meeting. The agenda, outcomes and work to be done will be presented to the group and amended as necessary. Role clarification and how the group is expected to work together are covered with group participation and buy-in.

Evaluation & Closing: An evaluation of the meeting process will be facilitated, along with what was accomplished and what is yet to be done.

Follow-up: You and Cline Consulting will negotiate beforehand and as an on-going process what kind of follow-up is appropriate to further the organization’s needs and achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching in Meeting Facilitation: Most people can learn how to facilitate a good meeting but it does take some time and attention. If it is appropriate in your situation, Cline Consulting can coach in real time organization members so that they build capacity to facilitate timely and effective meetings.

“Thank you for all of your help. You do an amazing job of helping get the ideas, thoughts and opinions voiced without competition. The notes are very helpful for me to develop my report to the commission.”
~ Patsy Martin, Executive Director, Port of Skagit County, WA