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"Simply put: I would trust Andrew Cline with my life; any day of the week, any time of year, anywhere on earth, whether I was sitting in a boardroom or climbing a mountain. He is the most competent, disciplined, extraordinary leader I know. His actions in my life, changed my life. Simple. Andy is a phenomenal human, worker and leader. I know, it sounds too positive...but those are the simple, hardcore, honest facts."

Brett Carlson
VP Sales/Field Operations
Edge Computer


"I highly recommend Andrew Cline. It was through his excellent teaching style and uncanny ability to accurately identify our strengths and weaknesses that we were able to mold ourselves into a very cohesive team."

Rick D. Husband
Colonel, USAF, NASA
Commander of Columbia STS-107


"Andrew has been a key resource, coach and teacher in the transformation of our company's culture and leadership development. His wisdom and practical application of leadership skills has enabled our team to come together as a united front and drive productivity at a heightened level that exceeded our expectations. Andrew was highly recommended to us – I pass that recommendation along to anyone seeking his services."

Tad Hildebrand
Human Resources Manager


"Andy's work with leaders and their teams is first rate. He is able to get to the heart of issues in a quick and compassionate way. I bring him in to assist with our most valued clients, including NASA astronauts, corporate and non-profit professionals."

John Kanengieter


"Executives often do not have people they can unequivocally rely on to give them truly objective advice, constructively review their decision process, probe their underlying motivations or challenge themselves to look inward. Andy does all this and the end result is you become a better leader, stronger executive and more fulfilled individual. Andy's thoughtfulness, keen insight and ability to constructively challenge me was a game-changer for me and has been one of the most rewarding relationships I have had in my 30-year career. I only wish I had met Andy earlier!"

Wayne Schattenkerk
WaveDivision Holdings, LLC


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