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Recommended Reading
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Emotional Intelligence

A General Theory of Love
Lewis, Thomas et al. 2000

Primal Leadership – Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
Goleman, Daniel et al. 2002

Leadership, Culture, & Group Development

A Failure of Nerve, Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix
Friedman, Edwin, 1999

Managing Transitions, Making the Most of Change, 2nd Edition
Bridges, William. 2003

Leadership Without Easy Answers
Heifetz, Ronald A. 1994

Communication & Self-Awareness

Crossing the Unknown Sea. Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.
Whyte, David. 2001

The Thin Book of Smart People Skills, 8 Tools for the Savvy Leader
Cremona, Katina. 2007

Managing at the Speed of Change
Conner, Daryl R. 1992

The Thin Book of Naming Elephants – How to Surface Undiscussables for Greater Organizational Success
Hammond, Sue Annis & Andrea Mayfield. 2004

In the Company of Women
Heim Pat and Susan Murphy. 2003

Conflict Resolution & Coaching

The Thin Book of Trust – An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work
Feltman, Charles. 2009

Leading Through Conflict – How Successful Leaders Transform Differences into Opportunities
Gerzon, Mark. 2006

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Gottman, John M. and Nan Silver. 1999

Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart
O’Neill, Mary Beth. 2000

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time
Scott, Susan. 2004