Cline Consulting, LLC, is engaged in a diverse array of services centered around vision, process, and outcome. We are professionals who have successfully run businesses, directed teams, and founded companies.

While thriving on the practicality of improving current situations, we also recognize the visioning and hard work it takes for a company to build on its successes and learn from its mistakes.

Cline Consulting operates within two imperatives. First, our services help create a better workplace for our clients – one that allows the focus to be on effectively accomplishing the business at hand while remaining engaged in meaningful work relationships. Second, although training may be essential in building a foundation in which to improve, it is most effective when integrated with coaching that allows for perspective and support in doing things differently.

Accordingly, we operate transparently and with integrity in the way we manage ourselves, our client relationships, and the work we do.

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Executive Coaching

The core value of coaching is to help leaders think through challenges and “know thy self.” An effective coaching relationship leads to clarity and increased self-awareness.

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Board Development

Boards need to provide clear and consistent leadership. This comes from having a board that is diverse, committed, and competent in their individual roles as well as in making collective decisions.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a management tool used within a specified time period to determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, and roles and responsibilities.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict by its nature can be stressful to individuals and teams and can lead to dysfunction within organizations, relationships, and communities. Cline Consulting specializes in helping you and others understand conflict and change behavior accordingly.

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Leadership & Team Development

Teams do not need to be led by exceptionally intelligent people in order to be effective decision-makers. Teams need: rules to maintain order and coherence; communication and learning from one another.

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Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

A facilitator helps the group accomplish a common task: move through the agenda in the time available and to make necessary decisions and plans for implementation. A facilitator makes no decisions for the group, but suggests ways that will help the group to move forward.

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