Andrew Cline is a leadership and organization-development consultant, coach, trainer and mediator.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Andrew works with organizations worldwide, helping leaders develop longterm and highly effective teams to lead with transparency and authenticity. He brings a calm and focused demeanor while engaging with others, providing a space where clients feel supported through one-on-one attention and coaching.


Cline Consulting, LLC, provides a diverse array of services centered around vision, process and outcome.


We are professionals who have successfully run business, directed teams and founded companies. While we understand that everything boils down to the practicality of improving current situations, we also recognize the visioning and hard work it takes for companies to build on their successes and learn from past mistakes. This is why we operate from two imperatives:


At the end of the day, our services must help create a better workplace for our clients, one that allows the focus to be on effectively accomplishing the business at hand while remaining engaged in meaningful work relationships.


While training is essential in building a foundation upon which to improve, it is most effective when integrated with coaching that allows for perspective, as well as support in doing things differently.

We believe in operating with transparency and integrity in the way we manage ourselves, our client relationships and the work we do. Ultimately, shouldn't that be the way all business is done?


“Andrew's work with our newly formed division proved invaluable. He ensured that each member of the team was an active participant in our efforts to develop a timely strategic plan and identity immediate key focus areas. We did this while also attending to the maintenance of who we are as a team.”
Scott Bradbury
Director, Division of E-Learning
American Academy of Pediatrics, Chicago, IL



“Throughout the year I have continually heard that the facilitated workshops you held were instrumental in assisting managers to understand the change process and communicate it to staff – you are an inspired consulting team and your ability to engage the staff and keep them focused on difficult tasks while encouraging them to be open made all the difference. Turnover is down and staff morale is up. Direct, measurable accomplishments like that, I believe, are a result of the effective teams we built and project plans we developed with your help.”
Pier David
Training Manager
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA


“Andrew Cline is one of the best facilitators I have ever worked with. He has completely won over our bipartisan board and enabled this group to accomplish breakthrough results in strategic planning and board development. Andrew is able to balance careful planning with the necessity to respond in the moment to evolving group dynamics. His follow-through is excellent.”
Pam MacEwan
CEO, Washington Health Benefit Exchange, Seattle, WA


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