Cline Consulting

Andrew Cline is an organization-development consultant and executive coach specializing in the human dynamics of success and leadership.

For over fifteen years, Cline Consulting has worked with diverse organizations: business owners, law firms, national and international government agencies, global and local nonprofits, estate management, security companies, and university departments.

Amidst ever-changing work environments, Andrew and his colleagues help clients define, support, and execute strategic choices.
We emphasize results and learning throughout the process.

During a leadership offsite for our executive team I found myself referring to the conversations our team had with Andy time and time again. Soon after, I began coaching with him. Our work together taught me to seek the clarity required to successfully lead our organization through change. I’ve become adept at navigating difficult interpersonal dynamics while also challenging and supporting my peers – all in service to the CEO’s vision. Through it all, and as a measure of Andy’s success in his relationship with me, I have remained energized, balanced and resilient. I could write a book about working with him.
Chris BollingSVP of Business DevelopmentWest MarineWatsonville, CA