Cline Consulting

Andrew Cline is an organization-development consultant and executive coach specializing in the human dynamics of success and leadership.

For over fifteen years, Cline Consulting has worked with diverse organizations: business owners, law firms, national and international government agencies, global and local nonprofits, estate management, security companies, and university departments.

Amidst ever-changing work environments, Andrew and his colleagues help clients define, support, and execute strategic choices.
We emphasize results and learning throughout the process.

Throughout the year I have continually heard that the facilitated workshops you (and your colleagues) held were instrumental in assisting managers to understand the change process and communicate it to staff—you are an inspired consulting team and your ability to engage the staff and keep them focused on difficult tasks while engaging them to be open made all the difference. Turnover is down and staff morale is up. Direct, measurable accomplishments like that, I believe, are a result of the effective teams we built and project plans we developed with your help.
Pier DavidTraining ManagerBill & Melinda Gates FoundationSeattle, WA